Friday, March 30, 2012

"Giotto" Latin High Mass Altar Cards Just Released

Hello everyone. Today, I would like to announce the release of our latest set of Latin High Mass Altar Cards, "Giotto." "Giotto" prominently features the pre-Renaisannce painting,  Giotto di Bondone's "Christ On The Cross Between Mary And John." This set includes diacritical marks to assist priests who are learning the Latin Mass and the proper pronunciation of the words. Giotto is very similar to our recently released set of "Red" set with its large print and practical layout. The type on the center card is 14 points and the side card type is 16 points. As always, we try to design the layouts so that prayers are not being blocked when the chalice is in front of the center card. Therefore, on the center card right column, the "Placeat" prayer is on the top, the "Incensing" prayers are in the middle, and the first part of the "Supplices" prayer is on the bottom. The rest of the prayer is to be said from the altar missal. The "Corpus Tuum" prayer is on the bottom of the "Lavabo" card. It has been suggested to include the Corpus Tuum prayer whenever possible. This set, in our opinion, would be an excellent choice for your consideration.
"Giotto" is available as a set of prints designed to be framed or laminated; laminated, or beautifully framed with moire fabric covered backs.
"Giotto" can be found among our New Releases at a temporarily reduced price. For more information or to place an order, visit us online at our regular business website, Myriad Creative Concepts.
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