Friday, March 26, 2010

El Greco Latin Requiem Mass Altar Cards Released

Good day, everyone. The beautiful Renaissance art of Spain's El Greco is featured on these, our just completed designs of Requiem Latin Mass Altar Cards.

The first set, pictured to the left, is called "El Greco Oversized Picture" for obvious reasons. We wanted to design a set of altar cards that prominently featured this particular El Greco work entitled "Christ At The Cross With Mary, John, And Mary Magdalene." The picture is so detailed and striking that we felt it best to give it the entire right side of the center altar card. The resulting layout is quite unusual and, frankly we are not sure if it will be well received. But, we think this set is just fantastic. It even contains type fonts that mimic actual fonts used in El Greco's 16th Century.

The second set of our new El Greco themed altar cards is called "Christ At The Cross." That is the name of the El Greco painting featured on the center card. This set is a Latin Requiem design too. It also has fonts reminiscent of 16th Century fonts in a traditional three column center card format.

These new altar card designs are the first created in our new "Artist Series" that will include a variety of styles and artwork to reflect different cultures and time periods. If you have favorite paintings to suggest to us, write us any time. We like to hear from our readers and customers.