Friday, November 18, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas for Catholic Priests

Hello everyone. Christmas is fast approaching and if you are looking for gift ideas for your Roman Catholic parish priest who celebrates the Latin Mass, I would like to offer you some suggestions to choose from among the designs that we have created and sell at Myriad Creative Concepts.

Every priest who celebrates the Latin Mass, needs several prayer cards to reference before, during, and after Mass. Click the following links to read about each popular item that we have designed and sell:

1. High Mass Altar Cards. High Mass Altar Cards are comprehensive altar cards that contain three extra incensing prayers not found on Low Mass Altar Cards. If a priest has only one set of altar cards, it should be a set of High Mass because they can be used for Low Masses too. Our most popular set is called, "Vintage Diamond High Mass."

We sell nearly all of our cards as prints to be framed, laminated, or beautifully framed.

2. Low Mass Altar Cards. Low Masses are celebrated much more frequently than High Masses. Since Low Mass Altar Cards do not contain the incensing prayers found on High Mass Cards, there is more room for us to insert more artwork. They are generally a bit more ornate. Our most popular set of Low Mass Altar Cards is called, "Vintage Diamond Low Mass."

3. Requiem Mass Altar Cards. Requiem Masses are used for funerals. Our most popular set is called "Silver Black Requiem."

4. Latin Mass Companion Prayers. Latin Mass Companion Prayer Cards are the extra cards needed besides the altar cards. Some are used before Mass, some are used during Mass, and others are used after Mass. The essential cards are called "Vesting Prayers," "Prayers At The Foot Of The Altar," "Benediction," and "Prayers After Low Mass." We sell them both individually and as a group in kit form. Priests usually buy the laminated versions.

5. Altar Card Stands. Altar Card Stands or Holders can be very simple or quite elaborate. Years ago, there were many sources for priests to buy these stands. Today, there are very few. We were asked to begin offering some for sale and have found some inexpensive ones that work very well and are inexpensive. Technically, they are plate or book holders but our priest customers love them for altar cards too.

6. Sacristy Cards. These are extra cards that we have designed by request. We have several Sacristy Cards to choose from. These cards are used before Mass. "Act Of Oblation Before Mass" is our most popular Sacristy Card.

7. Special Latin Mass Cards. The following two special cards are the result of phone calls from priests who requested that we design them. They are very inexpensive but worth their weight in gold. The first, "High Mass Incensing Prayers," is quite useful because they contain the texts of the three prayers said during High Mass. The card is laminated and is laid flat on the altar for reference. With one of these cards, a priest who currently has only a set of Low Mass Altar Cards can celebrate High Masses without buying a set of High Mass Altar Cards. The second special card is called, "Supplices and Prayers Before Communion Card." This card has specific prayers that are found on altar cards. But, when a priest is bowing, his position makes it very hard to read the altar cards. So, with this card lying flat on the altar, he can read the prayers easily. It is the perfect inexpensive gift.

8. Travel Size Altar Cards. Travel Size Altar Cards are laminated, smaller versions of some of our full sized altar cards. These are designed for priests on the road. One set that we sold is currently in use in the back country of Thailand. They have thick lamination to protect them from the elements and fit nicely into briefcases. Although smaller, we worked hard to make sure that the print was as large as possible. Some priests order altar card stands to use with them. Choose between "Vintage Diamond Low Mass" and "Silver Black Requiem Mass."

9. Missal Size Companion Prayers. We were asked by a priest to create a set of Companion Prayers that would fit nicely into to cover flap of a missal. He said that his set that he got in the "old days" was worn out and needed to be replaced. So, we whipped these up for him and other priests.

10. Latin Mass Kits. We offer a complete set of the essential cards used for the Latin Mass as well as a kit that contains just the companion prayers. Bought as a kit, the cost per card is much cheaper than if bought separately. Quite frankly, we are surprised that more priests do not buy their cards in this form because it is such a good option.

Lastly, I would like to recommend the scholarly work of two friends of mine, Louis Tofari and Derek Bonnel. Their painstaking contributions toward the promotion of the Latin Mass are immeasurable.  Take a good, close look at what they offer on their websites and you are sure to find a unique but very useful gift for your parish priest who celebrates the Latin Mass.

Christmas presents are so important. May you find just the right gift for your family and loved ones and parish priest. Whether a tie or a book or a set of altar cards, given with love is all that matters, isn't it?

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for stopping by today.