Monday, October 19, 2009

Ordinary Form Altar Cards And Other Recently Released Works

Wow, it has been a busy month here at Myriad. A brand new Roman Catholic Ordinary Form Altar Card design, Offertory Secret Prayers, and a great-looking Latin Mass Requiem Altar Card have all been designed, proofed, and put on the market. Lots of people, ideas, feedback, ingenuity, and hard work have resulted in some great stuff for you priests out there in the "field." I'll try to describe here the new products and some of what went into the making of them.

First, let's tackle the big news: the release of an Altar Card for the Roman Catholic Ordinary Form. Not just a typeset piece, but an altar card that actually resembles traditional Extraordinary Form altar cards in look and feel. To pull this off, lots of drafts were made and reviewed by priests in the United States and England. Together, we have ourselves a winner here, a beautiful blend of old and new all on one card, the "Vintage Diamond" Ordinary Form Altar Card.

To accompany this new piece for the modern Mass, one of the priests suggested that we design an "Offertory Secret Prayers Card." So, after a bit of research and ideas from our consulting priests, we whipped one up, and it turned out pretty nice, if we can say so ourselves.

Next, we had an idea for brand new Extraordinary Form Requiem Altar Cards. "Silver Black" is a traditional-looking set of cards centered on Mantegna's Renaissance painting, "The Crucifixion." It features large, easy to read type, bold Gothic font introductory letters for easy reference, and the inclusion of the "Supplices" and "Corpus tuum" prayers - not found on most altar card sets. "Silver Black" is the culmination of everything that we have learned about altar card design to date combined with the input of our priest friends out there in the field. We think it's a great card and we hope you like it too.

For priests on the road, we designed a set of Travel Size Extraordinary Form Requiem Altar Cards and a set of Travel Size Low Mass Altar Cards. Actually, any of our sets can be downsized from the regular 12" size to a smaller, 10" height. But, we wanted to design sets specifically for travel use that have the largest type possible. The travel size versions of "Silver Black," mentioned above, and, "Vintage Diamond" Low Mass, feature easy to read type, including the "Supplices" and "Corpus tuum" prayers on handy laminated cards.

Lastly, in response to a phone query, we designed a set of small Extraordinary Form companion cards. Normally, these cards measure 8.5 x 11 inches. The new, special set measures only 5 x 7 inches but are still very legible. We call this new design, "Missal Size" Companion Cards because they fit perfectly in the back flap of a standard size Missal. The prayer cards include: "Vesting Prayers", "Prayers At The Foot Of The Altar", "Benediction", and "Prayers After Low Mass."

So, as you can see, it has been a very busy, productive month here at Myriad. We would like to express our gratitude to those priests and others who have been kind enough to share their knowledge and expertise and ideas in order for us to create these new works. Without your input, these projects would never have gotten off the ground. Thank you.

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