Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Customer's Testimonial That Made My Day

Today, I received an email from a new customer who ordered a set of framed Latin Mass altar cards and some extra companion Mass cards. They were shipped from Ohio to New Zealand, about 8,500 miles. This is part of the message he sent me today:

"Your magnificent framed Altar Cards are truly a sight to behold, the colour & pattern of the frame is perfect. The fabric covered backs are an impressive detail and shows the level of thought you have put in to your work. The plastic covered [altar card] stands are simply wonderful and so stable. The packing and wrapping served its job well and no damage occurred during the trip. To put it simply, you do wonderful work and give excellent service, thank you so much."

Wasn't that nice of him? I never know how well a customer likes their altar cards until I hear back from them. It sure feels good to get a compliment like this now and again. And, it's great to know that regardless of how far away that we ship our work, it gets there in one piece.

I just couldn't resist posting this.

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