Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"Wall" Of Pictures Of Our Latin And English Altar Cards

Hello everyone. Today's post features our Cooliris PicLens embedded wall of our Altar Cards Gallery directly piped from our mass cards business website at and tips to anyone wishing to do the same thing with their website or blog pictures. Of course, our pictures can also be viewed in our Catalog.

It isn't that hard to do. If you would like to embed a PicLens wall on your site, I might not be of much help, but I will try to answer your questions. The one thing I almost forgot to do is to optimize the page for search engines by adding title, key words, description, and meta tags. The pictures themselves are named well and contain hyphens between words so that should help them be found by Google and the others.

Download PicLens Publisher to make most of it rather painless. Publisher creates a Media RSS feed of your pictures and that allows the pictures to "stream" in viewers' browsers. A secondary benefit of having one's pictures in Media RSS form is that you can set up a SiteMeter account for the stream and track your statistics. Another benefit, probably more important, is that the RSS stream that you created is now available to RSS Readers. By adding your own feed to Google Reader, My Yahoo. and My Aol, that ensures that those three major search engines are aware of your feed, that it transmits properly, and others can subscribe to it. That subscription feature is cool because as your Gallery changes with new pictures, your subscribers will be kept up to date of those changes.

So, if you are a graphic artist or a photographer, you may want to consider adding a Cooliris PicLens wall to at least one of your website pages to experiment with. That's it for today. I'll see you all next time. I hope you like my "wall." It looks pretty crude in this particular Blogger template but at least it works. :)

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