Friday, October 10, 2008

Altar Cards For the Latin High Mass Coming Soon

Hello everyone. Latin Altar Cards for the Roman Catholic Tridentine Solemn High Mass will be available to you for purchase by mid-October, 2008. "Vintage Diamond High Mass Altar Cards" are being modeled after the traditional artwork of our "Vintage Diamond Low Mass Altar Cards" and merely need tweaking and proofread before public release.

Like our large print altar cards, these too are being fashioned after a priest called to request us to design them. He shall remain anonymous until we have permission to publish his name.

This set features all of the prayers of the Low Mass but also includes the High Mass Incensing Prayers in their traditional place at the lower half of the center column.

Advance orders are being taken now as we get ready to go to print. If interested, please see our catalog or business website for ordering instructions.

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