Monday, July 14, 2008

A warm welcome to Wheaton Church Supply!

Hello everyone. I hope your week has started off well for you. It was beautiful here today as my girl and I ran errands and buzzed around. Like you, we are always busy. But we always enjoy our time together even if it is only going to the grocery store.

While we were out, I got a call from Wheaton Church Supply (known online as Church Supply Warehouse) who wants to begin listing our altar cards on their website. We feel so honored to now be partnered with Wheaton and Adoremus Books. Wheaton carries a complete line of church supplies and priests' needs so please consider them in addition to Adoremus. I sent them files so that they can put our work on their site so look for them to appear soon.

Myriad is such a tiny business. We're just a couple of laid back graphic designers who love our work and only want to meet the needs of priests and seminarians and break even. We don't know much about business yet but will do everything we can to provide good customer service.

It's late and I really should be off to bed. I hope you all have a pleasant evening. May God bless us all. Thanks for stopping by.


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