Saturday, July 19, 2008

Google PicLens for Firefox viewing of photos and pictures

Hello everyone. I hope your weekend is going well so far. I've been reading up on how best to present pictures and photos for web viewing so that we can all see our pictures better. I use the Firefox browser. It's so much better than Internet Explorer and is very popular. Google has a great Add-on for Firefox users to view photos and pictures on the web. It's called PicLens. For optimum viewing of photos and pictures on the web, I think it's the best thing going.

PicLens allows the viewer to see 3-D and full screen versions of pictures for a awesome renditions. Flickr and Picasa are already PicLens "enabled." While playing with PicLens, I have found that it works better with Picasa than Flickr. However, text displayed is still fuzzier than it should be. Perhaps, that is a side effect of PicLens 3-D rendering.

Should you install the PicLens Firefox Add-on, check out our large examples of altar cards to see how awesome PicLens is. So far, I've only uploaded one example in a large version: Red & Gold border. But, more will be uploaded soon.

That's about it for now. Now, where's my girl? It's time for us to go for our bike ride ...

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Unknown said...

Thank you for posting about PicLens! We truly appreciate it. We're delighted to hear that you are enjoying PicLens.

Congratulations on enabling your site! If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot us an email. The altar cards look beautiful in the Wall!

For interested readers, please check out and to learn more.

Thanks again,
Luna and The Cooliris Team