Thursday, June 7, 2012

Latin Mass Supplies and Materials

Hello everyone. There are many items necessary to prepare for and to celebrate the Roman Catholic Tridentine Latin Mass. Here at Myriad, we specialize in those materials and supplies relating to the variety of Latin Mass cards that are needed. From design to sales, we try to provide what is needed and wanted by priests. The following is an overview of what we offer.

Pictured above is our flagship set of Latin High Mass Altar Cards, "Vintage Diamond." This is our most popular set among many. High Mass altar cards include the extra three incensing prayers necessary to celebrate Solemn High Masses. This design incorporates historic altar card liturgical art combined with sharp, clear, easy-to-read Latin prayers in a layout that is most practical according to what our customers have told us they need and want.

Our other categories of Altar Cards include Low Mass, Requiem Mass, Travel Mass, large print, and "Starter" altar cards for priests new to the Latin Mass. Again, we have designed a number of choices in the these categories to choose from. All of them are available as print, laminated, or framed versions.

A priest prepares to celebrate Mass in the Sacristy. Probably the most commonly requested card is our red "Vesting Prayers" card. However, we have several other Sacristy cards to choose from as well.

Once a priest leaves the Sacristy to celebrate Mass, there are a few companion cards that he refers to besides the altar cards. Probably the most commonly requested among these is our card, "Prayers At The Foot Of The Altar." Some of the companion cards that we offer are the direct result of priests calling us and suggesting a specific card to be designed to make it easier for them to celebrate Mass. These custom-designed cards are so practical that we have included them for sale to other priests too. Refer to our website to read the details about these unique Latin Mass Companion Cards.

To celebrate Mass on the road, we offer both Low Mass and Requiem Mass altar cards in smaller, briefcase-sized versions that are laminated.

In Catholicism, there are a few branches or Rites that require their own unique prayers on their Latin Mass cards. By request, we designed and now offer beautiful altar cards for the Bragan, Carmelite, and Dominican Rites.  These cards are some of the nicest ones that we have created so far.

Lastly, to support altar cards on the altar, we offer inexpensive but durable altar card stands. They fold up nicely for storage and are strong enough to hold both laminated travel sized altar cards as well as framed sets on large home church altars.

For more information about our wide selection of Latin Mass materials, feel free to visit us online at our regular business website, Myriad Creative Concepts. And, as always, if there is something that you need but cannot find, let us know and we may be able to custom-design for you.

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