Monday, April 30, 2012

Carmelite Rite Celebrant's Card Just Released

 Hello everyone. Today, I would like to take a moment to let everyone know that a Celebrant's Card is now available for the Roman Catholic Carmelite Rite Latin Mass. If you need one, please visit us online at our regular business website, Myriad Creative Concepts.

Last week, we put the finishing touches on a nice 12 x 18 inch Altar Card for the Carmelite Rite Latin High Mass. While we were at it, my customer and I went ahead and designed this companion Celebrant's Card  too. We used the same basic art so that they would complement one another.

This Mass card is two-sided letter-size with the "Prayers At The Foot Of The Altar" on the front and the "Marian Antiphon" on the reverse. Its type is large and easy to read with diacritical marks to assure proper pronunciation as the prayers are being recited.

Again, if you would like more information or to place an order, our regular business website is Myriad Creative Concepts.

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