Sunday, July 3, 2011

Latin Large Print Altar Cards Updated

Hello everyone. I hope that you are enjoying this year's Fourth of July weekend so far. I know that I certainly am. I've been kicking back and enjoying some great blues music while tinkering with some designs to improve them. My neighbor is having a cookout and was nice enough to bring me some extra food freshly grilled! Now, you just can't beat that ...

Today, I improved my large print Latin Low Mass altar card designs to make them better than ever. Our designs include Blue, Gold, Red, and a Stained Glass graphic design. On the center card, I added the first half of the Supplices prayer. The rest can be easily read from the altar missal. On the Lavabo card, I added the Corpus tuum prayer at the bottom. I've been told by several priests that they much prefer using altar cards with these prayers on them but are difficult to come by.

The overall type size on the center cards is 15 points while the type on the side cards is 18 points. This is very large and should be enough for most priests. If you need even larger type, just let me know and I will custom-design a set for you.

Please note that as of this writing we have remaining stock (1-10 of each as prints and laminated) of our large print Low Mass altar cards to sell before we release for sale this new improved version in Blue, Gold, Red, and Stained Glass. While supplies last, this existing stock of prints and laminated altar cards is being sold at half price as reflected in our payment option buttons. These are perfectly good altar cards, they just don't have the Supplices and Corpus tuum prayers on them. Once each is depleted, we will print up the new version and begin to sell them once again at our standard retail price.

That's it for now. Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

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