Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Travel Altar Cards

Hello everyone. I just wanted to remind everyone that we have designed some very good Travel Altar Cards in both Latin and English. Pictured on the left is our "Vintage Diamond" set of Latin Low Mass Altar Cards. This set is not only very attractive, but, it is very practical too. The type is easy to read and all of the prayers are there and in the right places. A set of these are currently in use in Iraq by a military chaplain. They only measure 10 inches high and each set is laminated for durability.

For Latin Requiem Travel Masses, we have designed "Silver Black Requiem."

For English Travel Masses, we have designed a set for Low Mass and a set for Requiem Mass according to the 1958 Knott English Missal texts.

All of these designs are very practical and easy to read. If you would like more information about these travel altar cards, simply click on the links above. Or, visit us online at our business website, Myriad Creative Concepts, where we have many, many designs for you to choose from.

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