Tuesday, July 20, 2010

St Francis Peace Prayer In Latin

Hello everyone. We have just finished designing our new prayer print, "St Francis Peace Prayer in Latin." So, now, this print is available in both Latin and English on our website, Myriad Creative Concepts.

We contracted a very good Latin translation service to do the translating. The Latin Translator, headed by a gentleman named, Quintus, translated the text in less than 24 hours and gave us a free .mp3 recitation of the prayer in Latin. Visit our website, noted above, if you would like to hear Quintus reciting the Peace Prayer in Latin.

If you have a favorite prayer that you would like to have typeset with graphics, send us an email of your wishes. For a modest design fee, we may be able to fix you right up.

As always, thanks for visiting us here on our blog. Take care and be sure to stop in and listen to St Francis' Peace Prayer on our website when you have some free time.

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