Thursday, December 3, 2009

Priest Gift Idea For Those Celebrating the Latin Mass

Hello everyone. Recently, a priest asked us to design a special accessory altar card for use in the celebration of the Roman Catholic Extraordinary Form Latin Mass. He explained to us that during certain times of the Mass, the priest must recite certain prayers while bowing, etc. Although the prayers are on the main Altar Cards, it is too awkward to try to read off of them at these times. Our priest friend envisoned a simple card to be laid flat on the altar right in front of him that contained just a few key prayers.

Well, I couldn't believe that I hadn't heard of this dilemma before now. But, it sure made sense to me. So, I went ahead and whipped up a nice little altar card for him as well as other priests who are bound to be encountering this problem. I only wish that I had known of this sooner.

Pictured on the left, we are calling this new companion altar card, "Supplices Prayer & Priest Prayers Before Communion." The name says what prayers are on it. The font is very nice and is a large 14 points. We put just a simple gold graphic on it so that it would go well with most altar settings.

For anyone considering a nice little useful gift for their priest, this card would be a good choice. Not as good a choice as season tickets to Ohio State Buckeye Football games probably, but a good choice.

Take care.

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