Friday, August 15, 2008

Introducing Our New Red Latin Altar Cards

Hello everyone. In an effort to provide the best Latin Mass materials possible, we have added a brand new set of Tridentine altar cards to our line of Latin Mass materials. We named this version "Standard Red" and a large image of it can be viewed here. It features larger than average easy to read type and conservative red graphics. The center card type is 14 points which is larger than any standard 12 x 18 cards that we are aware of (except our own). The side cards have even larger, 16 point type. For most situations, these altar cards should really fill the bill for celebrating daily and Sunday Masses.

Shortly, a new black Requiem design will be designed as its companion. Right now, only our very large print altar cards have a companion Requiem set. We've always got projects and revisions in the works as we strive to improve the quality and range of our work.

Regarding our new large print altar cards, I just picked up the first batch from the printer today. They look terrific. The colors are just as I'd hoped for and the blue set looks especially good with its light blue color. The type is huge and will be perfect for priests who need especially easy to read altar cards.

Yesterday, I got an idea to offer free altar cards to priests who cannot afford them. Although we can't afford to print and ship them at no charge, we thought we could put them online for free downloading. This morning, I got my first email request from a priest in the South Pacific. That just made my day knowing that someone so far away could have access to our work for their ministry. He said that he had two fellow priests learning the Latin Mass. The priest requested sets of cards for them. He has a set of his own already.

Lastly, I would like to dedicate my new Standard Red altar cards to my late cousin, Clyde Wonderly who passed away yesterday as I was putting the finishing touches on the design. Clyde was 83, was a great cousin and friend. He was a World War II vet who served in the U.S. Navy in the South Pacific. and enjoyed restoring cars. I will always cherish his war stories. Clyde, may you rest in peace.

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