Thursday, March 13, 2008

Welcome to Myriad Creative Concepts

Hello. My name is Jerry Wonderly. I'm the man in charge of Myriad Creative Concepts, a small business specializing in the design of practical, inexpensive, and easy to read altar cards for the Roman Catholic Tridentine Latin Mass. In addition to altar cards, we also design other prayers needed for the Latin Mass: Prayers At The Foot Of The Altar, Vesting Prayers, and more.

Actually, "design" is a bit much to state. The prayers of the 1,500 year old Tridentine Mass are not open to personalization. There is an historic precedent set by the order of the prayers and not to be altered. Rather, by saying design we really mean assemble. We try to design an attractive set of altar cards where the art is secondary to the readability and layout of the prayers.

The idea for an altar card designing business came about during a meeting with a priest who lamented that most altar cards that are currently available are antique reprints that are beautiful but could be improved upon. Some have prayers in an inconvenient layout. Some have misspelled Latin words. Others have excessive artwork forcing the prayers to be in very small type. So, to meet the needs of priests for accurate, easy to read altar cards, Myriad was born.

Priests around the world now have more choices: There are websites where simple altar card text files can be downloaded freely. There are the antique reprints mentioned above. Then, there are publishing houses that have very nice altar card styles. Lastly, we at Myriad have eight designs to choose from with more on the drawing boards. Whether simple, vintage, contemporary, themed, or custom, we design according to priests' and groups of priests needs.

We don't have a website up yet. To view our offerings and projects on the boards, visit the popular online photo sharing website, Flickr:

Thanks for stopping by. If we can be of service to you, just let us know.


Jerry Wonderly

Note: This was our very first post.

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